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Our Investment Models

Your Caravan Awaits You!

Turn Your Investment into an Value-Adding Caravan!

Are You Tired of Traditional Investment Models?

If you're looking for a different source of income, the 'Buy and Rent' model is perfect for you!

The Caravan Pays for Itself in 60 Months!

Your caravan will provide returns at a pace you never expected. You'll recoup your investment and start making a profit in just 60 months.

Peaceful Investment with 5-Year Labor Warranty

Leave your worries behind with the labor warranty for your caravan. For 5 years, you won't have any extra concerns about maintenance and repairs for your caravan, allowing you to enjoy your investment

High Rental Income, No Expenses to Pay

Let's embark on a new investment experience and add value to your future! Purchase your caravan, rent it out, and enjoy the benefits of your investment

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Discover: Shantigo Franchise Opportunities

Shantigo Franchise ownership opens the doors for you to provide unforgettable and luxurious experiences to travel enthusiasts. Are you ready to explore an opportunity filled with advantages such as brand recognition, a strong advertising team, guidance for operations, and sales guarantee?

Stand Out with Brand Visibility

We have a strong brand visibility in the industry. Thanks to this brand strength, you can quickly gain recognition for your business and attract customer interest.

Supported by a Strong Advertising Team

Shantigo Franchise operators are supported by a strong advertising team. With this support, reaching your target audience and promoting your business becomes easier.

Guidance and Support for Operations

Shantigo Franchise owners are equipped with the necessary guidance and support to drive their businesses to success. From the outset, we provide you with the opportunity to grow your business by guiding you every step of the way.

Stay Secure with Sales Guarantee

Shantigo Franchise ownership offers you a sales guarantee, ensuring you receive a return on your investment.

If you also want to join the Shantigo family, establish your own business, and offer unforgettable experiences to travel enthusiasts, contact us now. Take the first step towards realizing your dream business!

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