Shantigo - SG5


Expanding your horizons with the new SG5!
This little giant, offering a bed capacity for 5 people, invites you to a journey filled with unforgettable memories.


Expanded Design

The SG5, the smallest family caravan in the modern world, offers unparalleled spaciousness in its class with its stunning new design.

Positively designed aesthetic interior

Expanded, drop design overhead cabinets

Rolls Royce ceiling application

Custom Bathroom Design

Comfort and Ample Accommodation Space

The largest in its class with a bed capacity for 5 people.

200 x 187 King-size latex rear bed

200x130 Double pop-up roof

Convertible front seating area into a bed


Safety and Energy

Expandable crash-tested dual-seat mechanism

TSE and CE internationally certified wiring system

230 A Sonnenschein AGM energy

Victron energy group

Ultra-thin dual 350W monocrystalline solar panels

Battery protection system

Smart inverter system

Designed by energy engineers

Shantigo Insulation Engineering Study

Reliable Gas System

Duo Control System

Dual Tube Fitting Feature

Automatic Gas Shut-off in Case of Accident


Quality Temperature

Fast Heating in Your Kitchen, Bathroom, and Outdoor Shower

Most Efficient Room Temperature in Cold Weather

Time-Controlled System

Homogeneous 3-Way Heat Distribution

Room Temperature Sensor-equipped

Hot Water Outlet Inside and Outside

Frost Control

User-Friendly Software

Lighting Systems

Automatic Emptying System

Exterior Lighting System

Water Tank Controls

Energy Control Systems

Battery Indicators

Parked Car

Remote Connection with Application


High Water Volume

260 LT Clean Water Tank

Enclosure with 8mm Galvanized Stainless Steel Sheet

Automatic Drainage System

Designed in Compliance with European Standards

Unconventional Sports Design

Custom-made Soft Rotating Mechanism Front Seats

First-class Leather Upholstery

Shantigo Custom Design with Sponge Mold

First-class Stitching Quality

Enhanced Comfort Memory Foam Front Seats



More innovative, more fun

20-inch TV

Starry Ceiling

OFF-ROAD Camping Lights

Special Protected Bumper Paint

Shantigo 3D Honeycomb Design

Projection and Screen

Cinematic Sound System

Ozone Machine

Wireless Charging Unit

Rechargeable Caravan Vacuum Cleaner


Multimedia System

Rear View Camera

3000 K Unique LED Lighting

Shantigo SG5

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